This is a blog made by us, Danny and Lizzie. We met 7 years ago at college and have been eating great food ever since! We both love to experiment with different cuisines and would love to travel all over the place to try new things. We created this blog to remind you that cooking and dining is always more fun when you have a great partner!

LizZie Greene

Lizzie is the master chef and her culinary passion knows no bounds! It started with a minor obsession with i-phone cooking games and blossomed into a tornado of pastas and chili and breads. Lizzie is known to speak with aggressive hand motions when describing a particularly delicious ingredient or dish. (She is 1/18 Italian) Her favorite culinary word is "encrusted" and likes to "add culture" to her cookbooks by allowing her sauces to boil over and stain the pages!

Danny Fendler 

Danny has a passion for BBQ. In the summer he loves spending a weekend smoking meats and being outside. He became interested in cooking when he discovered Steve Raichlens BBQ cookbooks. He even built his own grill out of a keg in college! In the winter you can find him playing hockey, watching the NY Rangers, and helping Lizzie cook during commercial breaks. In college Danny worked for both a sushi restaurant and a Laotian restaurant. He loves all types of food and is not afraid to try anything!