While we can't claim that we invented this clever technique, we can vouch for the remarkably juicy, tender chicken it produces.  Beer can chicken is simple, tasty and has an extra dash of showmanship that will appeal to all serious grill junkies. 

Beer Can Chicken


  • Whole Chicken (4 or 5 pounds)
  • Can of Beer (12 oz)
  • Lots of BBQ Rub - or any spice mixture you choose
  • 2 cups Woodchips - we used hickory (soak in water for 1 hour)

How To Make It



Discard the packet of giblets in the chicken's cavity.  Wash the bird, inside and out, with water and then blot dry with a paper towel.  Cover the skin and cavity of the chicken with Danny's BBQ Rub.



Open the beer - take a big gulp.  Pour in a tablespoon or so of the rub.



Position the chicken over the beer can - it will stand up on the can while on the grill.



Light your charcoal.  When hot, spread out on one side of the grill and throw wood chips over.

Position chicken on beer can on the grill indirectly over the coals.  A drip pan should be placed below the chicken.  Cover the grill and leave it alone for an hour.



After an hour - replenish the coals and wood chips, turn the chicken 180 degrees. After another hour the chicken should be delicious and ready to eat.



Discard the beer can and carve that bad boy up!

(Thanks to my friend Steve for the awesome photos!)

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