A friend of ours is currently living in Thailand. Since we are obsessed with different types of food we started wondering what great stuff she had been eating out there. Asian food is something that Danny and I have barely explored. When our friend said she loved Pad Krapow Moo we decided lets make this into one of our favorite things. A sandwich! Danny loves using the pressure cooker I got him for Christmas, so we decided to cook the pork with this. We got our ingredients at an Asian market in town. If you don't have any near you, you can always substitute any thing you cant find. Be creative!







Thai BasilThai ChiliesSoy and Fish SauceSour Cream and Rolands Satay Peanut sauce. How To Make It!











Mix together the cubed pork, fish sauce, soy sauce, water, garlic, chopped Thai chilies, and around 15 Thai basil leaves in pressure cooker.Twist lid tightly and cook for 25 minutes once it starts to whistle.Mix the Sour Cream and the Rolands Satay Peanut Sauce in a blender. Add 6 leaves of Thai basil. Heat this in a pan on low heat to thicken.To steam your own Chinese buns get a steamer like the one here. Place steamer with buns in it over a pot of boiling water for 9 minutes. Cut bun in half to prepare for sandwich making. We found that the bun was too thick and cut it thinner.Follow your pressure cooker's instructions for releasing the lid. After releasing the lid and letting this cool down a little take the pork out of the pot and put into a pan. The pork should mash easily with the back of a fork. Mash pork to prepare for making the sandwich. (The broth that is left over makes a great soup later!)Heat frying pan and add 1 Tsp of vegetable oil. When oil is heated crack egg and fry until cooked. About 2 1/2 minutes.Build sandwich by layering bottom half of bun with peanut sour cream sauce. Add the mashed pork and top with fried egg. Tear some Thai basil for an extra punch of flavor.ENJOY!